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Sport England has Announced an Extension to their current Return to Play fund

Herts Sport Partnership Reports: Sport England has announced an extension to their current Return to Play fund. With a further £5 million in the pot and just a handful of Hertfordshire sports clubs having applied, there is plenty of opportunity left for the county to get it’s fair share.

If your club hasn’t considered the fund, Herts Sports Partnership is urging you to get in touch. We’re working with our funding partner Funding 4 Sport to ensure that as many applications are submitted as possible, but we need your input to let us know you’re keen. 

If your club is interested in applying for a fund, please contact the below HSP Project Officers for support and to start the conversation (click name for email):
 Broxbourne: Jamie Townsend
Dacorum: Josh Spavins
East Herts: Will Slemmings
Hertsmere: Alex Varran
North Herts: Tom Horey
St Albans: Chris Samways
Stevenage: Shelley Woods
Three Rivers: Kay Searcy
Watford: Alicja Polak
Welwyn Hatfield: Charlie Mann 

The Return to Play: Small Grants fund seeks to help support sport and physical activity groups, clubs and organisations in responding to the immediate challenges of returning to play in a Covid-safe manner.
This could include contributing to covering the costs incurred by having to deliver activity in smaller groups than normal, or having the correct hygiene and safety equipment.
Funding could be used for minor amendments to facilities, additional sports equipment, signage, sanitation and training courses to help you deliver your activities safely.

Key information
• Awards of £300-£10,000 are possible
• Awards are to help with essential changes to services or facilities
• Applications should be focused on returning people to previously run activity, or enabling previous projects to adapt to resume delivery, when that’s possible. At this time we’re not looking to support new projects or start-ups.
• Applications should be focused on the key funding priorities below.
Responding to the Lockdown
Due to the announcement of the new national lockdown measures, we are adapting this programme to help further. These changes include:
• Organisations based in Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 1-5 can now seek support towards ongoing running costs – for example rent, utilities and insurance. This is capped at a maximum of £3,000 and will only be considered with an eligible funding request. We won’t solely support only running costs. Please see more details in the ‘what we can fund’ section.
• Flexibility over start date – we ask that activity resumes within six weeks of national/local lockdown restrictions being lifted,
• We’ve increased out total budget by £5 million to support more organisations.
• We’re now extending the programme and it will remain open up to 30 June.



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