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Courses for coaches

Coaching Courses

Coaching Courses for Coaches

What can I do with a leader or coaching qualification?  See Badminton England Herts_Coaching_Pathway_30Dec18

BE Primary Resource released 2017  ‘Racket Pack‘ (replaces ‘Bisi’)

Presentation for coaches and clubs       Presentation for schools

For Coming BE Courses in our area contact HBA Coaching Coordinator, Brian Jackson:

Young Leaders Award Course

The Badminton England Young Leader Award (YLA) is an opportunity for leaders to develop skills that will assist them to lead and volunteer in their local badminton environment including SmashUp! sessions. The award is aimed at anyone aged 13 and over.  However most use can be made of the qualification if 15+ (see Herts_Coaching_Pathway_30Dec18). It is delivered through a series of or a one-day, workshop.  See BE webpage for more information.

UKCC Level 1 Course to become a coach has been updated by BE and is now called ‘Foundation course’

If you would like to become a Foundation coach, please contact HBA Coaching Coordinator, Brian Jackson. When we have enough candidates we will organise another course.

Please note candidates must be at least 16 years old.

UKCC Level 2 Course to become a coach has been updated by BE and is now called ‘Coach Award’

We will run course in Hertfordshire when there are sufficient candidates.  If you are a level 1 or Foundation coach and would like to take a level 2 course, please contact HBA Coaching Coordinator, Brian Jackson.

Please note to attend a level 2 coaching course candidates must have completed a level 1 course and be at least 18 years old.

Grants may be obtained from several sources in Hertfordshire, usually with the requirement to provide 5-10 sessions unpaid after qualifying: your Local Authority, The Ray Learney Memorial Fund (see the Herts Badminton Association Funding page) and from Herts West Community Badminton Network, Welwyn Hatfield Community Badminton Network and Badminton England. Contact HBA Development Coordinator Dave Bartlett for further information.

For further funding information, please visit the Sports Coach UK website. The guide can be downloaded from our website here

CPD Courses for Qualified Coaches

The Model for Elite player Development through Active Learning (MEDAL) was developed in response to coaches wanting to engage with continuous professional development to raise the standards of coaching in England so that we can more effectively develop our players within the sport.

For more details see:-

Sports Coach UK Courses


All Courses for people to qualify to coach comprise:

SmashUp! Activator: Players can also qualify through helping an existing SmashUp! Activator:  Contact HBA Coaching Co-ordinator,, for details

– Badminton Young Leaders Award – for mainly school sessions aimed at 14 – 19 year-olds but also useful for helping sports centre sessions and junior clubs. This, typically 4-hour course, comprises Leadership, Umpiring, Organising Tournaments, how to play and organise SmashUp! sessions.

– Badminton UKCC Level 1 course: a 3-separate-day course: details, below. Cost: Non-BE/HBA-members £225, members £215.  Possible grants – see HBA Funding webpage

– BE Disability 4-Nations course for Level 2 coaches details on BE website

– Badminton UKCC Level 2 course: a 4-separate-day course requiring a 4-session player study: Cost: £355 BE Coaches Register member, £370 BE member, £380 non-BE Member

– Badminton UKCC Level 3 course: a course over some 6 months or more and is aimed particularly at managing other coaches.  It is required for the Performance Centre Head Coach.

– Primary and Secondary School Teachers Bisi Badminton courses (3&1/4 h) click here

These courses are organised through BADMINTON England and Badminton Development Officers  (RDO).  While those in Herts will be advertised on this website the complete list in England can be found on the BE website  For lists of:

– all BE coming L1 and L2 courses their location and dates click here.

– what the courses entail :  coaching course page.

Coaching courses for Primary and Secondary teachers

BADMINTON England’s Bisi Badminton Resource for Primary Teachers has now been withdrawn and replaced by ‘Racket Pack’, see above.

Local support is provided through Herts Community Badminton Networks via Badminton Herts Development Committee.

Secondary school Teachers’ Award courses are being updated but BE Coaching Department  <> may still have copies.

Level 2 Community Sport Leader Award Course

The award gives people aged 16 and over the skills needed to lead groups in safe sporting and recreational activity. It encourages participants to take responsibility for others, develops organisational and communication skills and instils confidence in people for whom leading groups in sporting activities is a new experience. The majority of the course is practical in nature with an emphasis on learning through doing, rather than through written work.

How To Coach Disabled People in Sport More information For further information contact HBA Coaching Co-ordinator, Brian Jackson

No Strings Leader Recruitment Guidelines

Coaches Continuous Professional Development Courses Hertfordshire Sports Partnership courses:

   Safeguarding & Protecting  Children

See the Herts Sports Partnership website for more details and booking:

CPD Courses for Premier (Clubmark) Clubs  their Coaches and Officials

These add quality to the BE-UKCC qualified coach and comprise a wide divesrity of courses.  The most important courses  for coaches in Clubmark clubs and Performance Centres are:

– Good Practice and Child Protection

– Equity in Your Coaching

All these and other courses, such as First Aid, are organised by Herts Sport Partnership – see their website for availability.

Valuing Volunteer Management 6 Point Promise – has your organisation signed up?
HSP website for workshops, course information and booking, click