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Coaching & Officiating

A list of those Herts coaches that wish to advertise is shown below: if you wish to be added please contact HBA Coaching Coordinator Brian Jackson.

BE Find a Coach is also useful in finding qualified and registered coaches.

For up-to-date information see HBA Coaches FaceBook

Current BE Coaching Courses

All courses are delivered by BADMINTON England except the BJHA which teachers can deliver themselves.

–         Badminton Junior Helpers (BJHA course) – 14-19– Contact or 01908 268400, £6-7 per candidate plus tutor cost of £150 if not delivered by teacher

–         Young Leaders Award   13+ Can be delivered by school teachers and BE Registered coaches: requires licence to deliver and obtain courseware.

Annual licence £150

–         Badminton Young Officials (BYOA course) – 14-19– Contact or 01908 268400, £8-9 per candidate plus £140 tutor costs

–        SmashUp! Activator (SmashUp! Activator Training) – 17+ –Contact or 01908 268400, £99 per candidate (Includes DBS & Safeguarding cost – less if already held) Alternatively, following a successful assessment, applicants qualify either by  workshop,  online course, or successful Mentoring by a current SmashUp! Activator,  See BE SmashUp! webpage.

–         Level 1 Assistant (UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching Badminton) – 16+
Contact or 01908 268400, £215 BE members, £225 Non-members (Includes a years free coaching register membership).  Level 1 coaches are insured and qualified to:

  • run a session which is written by a level 2 but they must be under the supervision of the level 2 at all times during a session and they cannot give technical or tactical coaching.
  • deliver pre written sessions by BADMINTON England independently ie kicking up a racket and BISI.

–         No Strings Badminton Coordinator (Level 1 coach ideally – DVD Resource) – 16+ –Contact or 01908 268400

–         Level 2 Coach (UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton) 18+ –Contact or 01908 268400, £355 Register Coaches, £370 BE members, £380 Non-members (Includes a year’s free coaching register membership).

–         ESSENTIALS Coach (Online Essentials Course – Level 2 Coach) – 18+ –Contact or 01908 268400, Free online course for all level 2 coaches

–         Level 3 Coach (Performance Orientated) (UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton) –Contact or 01908 268400, £750

Teacher Training Courses:

–         BISI Primary (Teacher training for Primary School Teachers) –Contact or 01908 268400, £50 per candidate

 –         BISI Secondary (Teacher training for Secondary School Teachers) –Contact or 01908 268400, £50 per candidate

Courses for officials Details for Officials Assistant, Referees and Umpires, appear on the BE website, click here.
Courses to qualify as a Coach Can be found through the Coaching Course menu links on the left, or click here .
Personal Performance Sports Centres often run courses for groups either organised by themselves or through other agencies such as individual coaches – see list below, Herts Badminton Association, BADMINTON England or Herts Sport Partnjership.  See the link for Sports Centres, on the left, for contact details.
Individual Coaching from Coaches Below is a list of Herts coaches that are happy to show their details here.  They may be contacted directly.  However, for other coaches that are Registered but not shown, then please contact HBA Coaching Co-ordinator, Brian Jackson.   A key to the meaning of the Grades is at the bottom of the table.