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Herts’ Schools, Colleges & University

Herts Schools, Colleges & University
Here you will find information on badminton aspects of the education sector in Hertfordshire.

For information on Badminton in schools and FE Colleges see the HJBA website.

Some colleges are working with their Community Badminton Networks.  For example Oaklands College set up  a Badminton Academy at Oaklands college, Smallford Campus but owing to low uptake it survived  years.  However, badminton is one of their spots included in their Emerging Athlete Support Programme.  See their website:
Selected students can follow their academic studies while progressing their badminton to a higher level. See more information on the HSBA website.

University of Hertfordshire

HE Badminton Officer for 2014-17  academic years was Matt Widdicombe.